iOS Bootcamp

July 1 - September 6, 2019, Port-au-Prince

Course Description

This course is a twelve week long project-based exploration into iOS mobile app development focusing on the design and implementation of RESTful API clients. Classes meet on campus twice a week for lab and working sessions. In the first half of the course, students develop skills by completing coding labs and building three fully functional app assignment projects. In the second half of the course students will apply their skills–working together in small teams–to design and and build an original app from the ground up. The course culminates in a Demo Day event where teams will present their finished apps in a live demo

Time commitment
  • In-person class session attendance: Classes meet 2x per week for 1-2 hour sessions over the duration of the semester.
  • Outside of class time: Student’s should plan to spend 5-10 hours outside of class working on weekly assignments and their final group project.
Attendance and coursework submission
CodePath courses focus on developing student’s habits and skills in order to to be successful in the tech industry. Success in industry goes beyond proficiency in technical domains; The ability to be punctual, meet project deadlines and work effectively in a collaborative team are equally important skills. The following policies around attendance and coursework submissions are meant to encourage professional behavior.
Course Structure

This courses teaches iOS development in a project-based format over a 15-week period. Each week builds on the skills and knowledge from the previous week:

  • Weekly App Assignment. A new mobile app is assigned to each student as an individual project.
  • Code Review. We will briefly review each app and provide feedback on code.
  • Labs. Students will practice pair-programming while working on app projects during class sessions once a week.
  • Online Support. Students can post questions and get support through our Discussions System.
  • Github Based Online Learning Portal. Students will have access to a custom learning portal with videos, code samples, and comprehensive documentation library.
  • In-Person Class Sessions: Students meet in person twice a week in 2 hour sessions to complete labs, work on weekly assignment project apps and design and implement their final group project. Note: Session frequency and time may vary by college.
  • Assignments: Each week, we will be building an iOS app that helps us reinforce and apply the concepts we introduce within the course. Expect the weekly apps to take anywhere from 5-10+ hours to complete each week outside of class. These projects will range from a basic movie reviews app to a full-featured Twitter Client.
  • Group Project: In addition to the apps assigned each week, we will also have a collaborative course-wide project. The class will be broken up into groups of 3 students each, and every group will select a larger project to scope, design and build over the course of the class. At the end of the course, we will do a demo day showcasing all of these projects.
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